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Phastline is a Pipeline Hydraulics Simulation Program from Phastware Consulting Ltd. based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It is free of charge and available to anyone interested in learning about how a pipeline is constructed and operated. This is a pipeline simulation and modeling application that provides hydraulically accurate reports of a pipeline's operational capacity, operating pressures, flowrates and power usage. It uses industry standard formulas for calculating pipeline pressure loss, temperature variations in viscosity and density of fluids and both parallel and series combinations of pump curves.'

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Phastline is a pipeline hydraulics simulation and modelling software tool for pipeline operators, engineers or analysts. The company name Phastware is an acronym for "Pipeline Hydraulics Application Software Tools". The Phastline application is one of the products that is available to the general public free of charge so if interested, use the "Sign-Up" link provided below to register for an account. Please get in touch with me at for any feedback, questions or if you require support on how to use the application. I am based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Thank-you.

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